Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two Great Science Blogs!

The image above states exactly how I feel about science sometimes!  I feel that the majority of the time, science just complicates things.  So when I found out that I had to start a science blog, I wasn't too thrilled.  It has always been difficult for me to read science articles and research papers that I actually understood, or that actually kept me reading. 

On the bright side, it took me forever, but I finally found two science blogs that I actually enjoyed! The first blog that caught my attention is called Weird Science! This is probably one of the first blogs that I have looked at that kept me reading.  In fact, I just realized that I had been scanning through it and reading its posts for the past half hour.  This definitely says a lot because I sometimes find it extremely difficult to read science articles, but the author of this blog does a great job at picking interesting research to discuss.  I really like that fact that he has completely random topics that he writes about and is not just focused on one area of science; this helps keep things interesting.  I also really enjoy that he has "weird science Factoids" at the end of each of his posts because it's just something different to look forward to at the end of each post.  He also does a fantastic job at communicating the information by explaining the studies in a way that even non-science students could easily be able to understand- nothing too complicated.  The last thing that really stood out to me in this blog was all the pictures and videos that went along with his posts.  I think images and videos really help communicate information, rather than just having a page full of text.  Overall, this is an excellent blog!

The second blog I came across was the Well blog in the New York Times.  Although you would think that a blog through the New York Times would be extremely formal and boring, I have found it to be quite the contrary. Although it looks intimidating due to all the text on the page, some pictures are included and the actual text keeps you interested.  The articles that are discussed throughout the blog are great because they are aspects of health that I am interested in knowing more about. There are multiple authors that post in this blog, and the ones that I have read seem to do a really good job at communicating the information to their readers.  They do not just list the facts and throw a bunch of information at you, but instead they know how to comment and communicate the studies in a way that most people could understand, while keeping them engaged.  This is a blog that I will definitely keep up with.

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  1. I like the personal, conversational style of your post. It made me interested in what you had to say,