Tuesday, January 24, 2012


One interesting blog that I found was Docnotes, written by Jacob Reider, MD.  This blog centers on topics dealing with different medical related issues.  It presents the information in a way that people will understand  and want to read the posts presented on the blog.  There is no jargon writing or excessive word use to help portray the bloggers ideas.  He writes as if he were talking to his readers and not as if he were trying to impress them.  The blog as a whole seems very down to earth and is an easy read.  One of his most recent blog posts was about a new shoe, called Oesh, that was believed to be very good for runners feet.  He gave background information about the shoe as well as his own opinion after he had purchased a pair.  Overall, this is a very helpful blog to follow if you are interested in reading about different issues related to the medical field. 

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