Tuesday, January 24, 2012


NeuroLogica Blog is a blog that combines neuroscience and critical thinking into one opinionated blog. The author, Dr. Steven Novella, is a neurologist at Yale University School of Medicine, and writes posts about a variety of different topics.

His most recent post was about using embryonic stem cells (which is a controversial topic all on its own)  and injecting them into blind patients' eyes. The experimental study that he was discussing showed results that showed improvement in the patients' eyesight, even though the study is far from showing conclusive results. Here is the blog post! Stem Cells for Blindness

Other posts by Dr. Novella include making biofuels (fuel made from plant and animal sources) out of seaweed and other water-based plants, because they are easier to care for, and not as expensive as using land-based plants, which take up farm land and require fertilizier. Plus, the ocean cares for the seaweed, and is vast enough to house the many seaweed plants that could be necessary to make the next type of fuel.

For more information about differing topics, from stem cells to seaweed, visit The NeuroLogica Blog!


  1. Thanks for this blog! I thought the article on stem cells was great.

  2. This blog looks great. Go ahead and link directly to the posts that you like. Otherwise they will get buried if you just link to the blog itself.